The poster presented by Exsymol at the last IFSCC [1] 2021 congress (which took place on-line on October 18th-28th) is one of the 10 posters selected by the jury (out of more than 200 posters presented), for their high level and scientific expertise. This award was unveiled by Frédéric Leroy, Chair of the IFSCC Scientific Committee, during the closing ceremony of the congress.

Facial pores biology

Entitled "Visible facial pores: new insights for their assessment and tightening treatment", the poster displayed by the Monaco-based company presented an original expertise of skin pores biology.

This innovative approach demonstrated the key role of the MAGP-1 glycoprotein in the organization of the network of collagen and elastin fibers around the pore, playing an architectural supporting role. Exclusive biomechanical studies carried out in partnership with the company Biomeca in Lyon have uncovered new data, particularly in the understanding of the mechanism of pore enlargement and sagging induced by aging,” said Exsymol in a statement.

A new active ingredient in sight

With this communication at the IFSCC 2021 congress, Exsymol has partially revealed the work they carried out on this theme. The company suggests that a new active, with a specific activity on the structures surrounding the pore, derived from their signature silanols technology, will soon be unveiled.