Number 6 is therefore the sixth ingredient to be derived from avocado upcycling in the Expanscience catalogue. A B Corp certified company, Expanscience uses downgraded avocados (non-exportable, non-sellable) and transforms them into active cosmetic molecules. Number 6 is the culmination of this upcycling policy it completes a portfolio of sixteen cosmetic active ingredients and seven sensorial ingredients of natural origin dedicated to the cosmetics industry.

Thanks to its polyphenols, Number 6 awakens the eyes by reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. It acts on the microcirculation, regulates pigmentation, reduces fatty deposits. It is an eco-designed product coming from an upcycling process with zero waste. The sourcing from Latin America is sustainable. In vivo and in vitro tests are available.

The clinical studies demonstrated:

 A 10% reduction in the number of dark spots under the eye and a 21% reduction in their surface area.
 A 12.5% reduction in the volume of puffiness.
 A dark circle ITA° (Individual Typology Angle): +40% after 28 days’ application (1 shade lighter) / a complexion ITA°: +8% after 28 days.

Number 6 is certified ERI 360° (Eco Responsible Ingredient). This label provides the first analysis grid capable of defining the level of ecoresponsibility of an ingredient. It is also COSMOS-approved (COSMetic Organic Standard) by Ecocert Greenlife.

Our new cosmetic active ingredient Number 6, is the culmination of our zero waste approach. Thanks to the expertise of researchers from our Innovation, Research and Development Department, we succeeded in reusing avocado by-products. In keeping with our CSR policy and our B Corp certification, we thus contribute to further minimizing our impact on the planet and to protecting natural resources,” explains Armelle Le Peniec, Cosmetic Active Ingredients Director at Expanscience.

To illustrate the different possibilities offered by its avocado-based ingredients, Expanscience has devised four illustration formulas:

 Green Revival (DIY exfoliation powder + avocado oil)
 Oils 4 Nails (nail solution with avocado oil)
 Avocadabra (solid shampoo with 5α-Avocuta®)
 Wake-Up! (solid eye elixir with Number 6)

An overview of the cosmetic ingredient launches is available in our special issue: Happy Cosmetics issue - cosmetic ingredients, May 2020.

Available online for free, here.