Algaenia is derived from a Patagonian alga grown in France

Endowed with very beneficial qualities, microalgae and the infinite variety of molecules they produce are the new favourite in the cosmetics industry. Expanscience Laboratories were no exception this year, with the launch of Algaenia at the in-cosmetics show.

Acid lakes of Patagonia

Originating from the acid lakes of Patagonian volcanoes, the microalga used for Algaenia is able to survive in a hostile environment. The alga is cultivated of 5,000-liter tubular photobioreactors, using an innovative technological process that has been patented by Microphyt, a French biotech company and Expanscience partner. This cellular culture gives rise to a biomass from which the microalga peptides used by Expanscience are extracted.

Protection of sensitive skin

Algaenia stands out for its ability to protect sensitive skin. The microalga’s peptides act on the different layers of the human epidermis. They protect sensitive skin from inflammation and allergens through a softening, moisturizing and soothing action.

Two clinical studies have validated these results. The first, carried out on 20 subjects, showed a significant decrease in an erythema caused by a chemical agent on skin protected by Algaenia compared to a placebo. The second confirmed the soothing and moisturizing potential of the active ingredient. Thirty-six women with “sensitive” skin noted a marked improvement in their cutaneous barrier (less inflammation, improved hydration, noticeably soothed) after 28 days of use, and 85% of these women responded in a positively to the satisfaction survey made after the study.

An eco- and socio-designed active

In order to meet new demands from consumers, the extraction industry has begun a “green revolution” by carrying out a technological mutation toward eco-design. With this in mind, the ERI 360° (Eco Responsible Ingredient) label - which was launched in 2018 - provides an analytical grid featuring 100 SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Recognized and Transparent) indicators to assess the sustainability of cosmetic ingredients.

Like seven other cosmetic actives from the Expanscience portfolio, Algaenia has been awarded the ERI 360 ° label. “This recognition highlights our involvement and our demands with respect to the eco-responsibility of our active ingredients, which is in line with our CSR approach,” states Armelle le Peniec, Director of Cosmetic Active Ingredients for Expanscience Laboratories.

Skinhairgium Bio wins the Green Ingredient Silver Award

This eco-socio-designed hair care active is derived from the maca plant, which is grown organically in Peru and sourced by Expanscience via a responsible supply-chain under the control of UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade).

The Expanscience Laboratories team at in-cosmetics Global 2019

Certified ERI 360, this active won the "Green Ingredient" Silver Award at the in-cosmetics show 2019.