Resulting from the enzymatic hydrolysis of defatted avocado pulp, Effipulp is a co-product obtained from the extraction of avocado oil. This new ingredient is a concentrate of peptides whose activity takes place at several levels.

According to Expanscience, it stimulates the proteasome and the thioredoxin gene expression, two functional activities enabling its detoxification. With Effipulp the quantity of oxidized proteins is reduced by 44% according to in vitro tests. Fibroblasts and keratinocytes regain their original features and the endogenous synthesis of hygroscopic molecules such as hyaluronic acid is increased by 220% at both the dermis and epidermis level. The stratum corneum is not forgotten since the active acts on the synthesis of Filaggrin and Translutinase, two compounds insuring a good cohesion and good resistance of the stratum corneum.

In the end, emphasises the French company, the skin is replumped. A clinical test vs. placebo, conducted on 49 women for 56 days with 2 applications of a cream with 0.6% of Effipulp showed an 6.1% increase in the volume of the epidermis. The product is also Ecocert approved.