Beautycare Brazil created, in April 2020, an International Communication Working Group. Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020, Beautycare Brazil is a project dedicated to the internationalization of the Brazilian cosmetics, toiletry and fragrance industry. It was founded by ABIHPEC (Brazilian Association of the Cosmetics, Toiletry and Fragrance Industry) in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency).

This initiative is led by marketing and communication professionals from seven companies associated in the project, as well as by the project managers at ABIHPEC and Apex-Brasil. Participants in the working group were selected for their experience in international markets and the company’s’ product offer in the cosmetics, toiletries and fragrance sector (finished products, ingredients, accessories, packaging, and service).

The working group (which includes representatives of companies such Allergisa, Beraca, Brazilian Secrets Hair, Chemyunion, Embelleze, Dompel, and Wheaton) is preparing a post-COVID-19 strategic plan.

This is the first action of its kind promoted by Beautycare Brazil. It relies on the collaboration of professionals to review and adapt the format for developing the international image of the Brazilian personal care and cosmetics industry, considering the recent changes in the global scenario to the Post Covid-19 pandemic. Such an initiative will enable the reorientation of planned actions, besides a careful review of performance and strategic goals towards selected target audiences, reinforcing the objectives of the Project: to promote, facilitate and accelerate the process of internationalization of companies in the CT&F [1] sector and its correlated ones,” explains Beautycare Brazil in a statement.

The Working Group, will create and implement marketing and communication strategies targeting the markets identified as priorities for the development of companies participating in the Beautycare Brazil project. The group will define topics and goals for global campaigns, leveraging the Brazilian CT&F sector.

"Brazil is the fourth largest global consumer market for the CT&F sector, the second-largest for men’s perfumes and products, and the fourth largest hair care. Our industries have expanded at a global level with their products through investments in Research & Development and Innovation in Brazilian biodiversity assets and significant investments in the marketing and communication of internationalized companies", explains João Carlos Basilio, Executive President of ABIHPEC.

"Furthermore, the rich diversity of the Brazilian population stimulates our industry to innovate to meeting the varied local demand, which ends up attracting foreign attention, making us more competitive to export," adds Gueisa Silvério, manager of Beautycare Brazil.