For a guaranteed "wow" effect, Wheaton showcased Photochromic Spray, a new coating with an ink that reacts under the UV light. It is therefore possible to write on the bottle with a special light pencil. A way to create interaction between packaging and consumers as well as new possibilities for personalization.

Another innovation from the Brazilian glassmaker, the Perfumed Screen, a screen printing involving perfumed ink to turn packaging into an olfactory communication carrier. It is therefore possible to imagine getting rid of testers and samples, since the bottle enables to discover the product!

Wheaton is one of the world’s five biggest glass packaging manufacturers and the biggest one in Brazil, with a special knowledge in packaging production for perfumery, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, food and housewares.

With have 4 furnaces, 7 colour feeders, 23 production lines and exclusive line for samples production, protected area in the cold end line for pharmaceutical glass bottles and rooms with temperature control for cosmetics lines, the company can produce around 1 billion glass bottles per year or 365 glass tons per day.

Wheaton produces its own moulds and offer decoration services in the same production site than for glass. “We offer many decoration options for glass packaging. Colors, texture and effects can truly make a difference in a product and offer the best experience for the consumer with the brand,” explains the company.

The Brazilian glassmaker is also accelerating the pace in sustainability to meet market expectations. Wheaton therefore focuses in the reduction of water, energy and raw materials consumption, and on waste reduction.