As a preview to Luxe Pack, the Italian glassmaker is confirming its enviable position among the specialists of luxury glass bottles with its participation, this year again, in the launches made by several leading fragrance brands.

Bormioli Luigi has produced the 25 ml bottle of Idôle, Lancôme’s new women’s fragrance, as well as the 50 ml bottle in pairs with Pochet du Courval.

Glass bottle for Carolina Herrera’s Bad Boy

For its new fragrance for men, Carolina Herrera has, once again, created a very unique and extremely distinctive design. As the male counterpart of Good Girl, the Bad Boy bottle has the shape of a lightning sustained by a golden base in contrast with the black coating.

From the glass forming perspective this bottle is a technical feat because the geometry, with sharp corners and edges oriented in opposite directions, and with no base, is at the limit of feasibility,” highlights Bormioli Luigi in a release.

The product is decorated by black spraying and gold hot stamping. The zamak base is then glued to the diagonal face.

Bormioli Luigi made the 50ml and 100ml bottles, in pairs with Pochet du Courval.

Metalized internal coating for Mon Guerlain Gold Collector

For the Mon Guerlain Gold Collector edition, the French brand has chosen the internal coating Inside Mirror, new metalized version of Inside, Bormioli Luigi’s internal coating for glass.

Like the original Inside version (more than 30 references and more than 20 million bottles on the market, among which Armani Sì Intense and Passione, Narciso Rodriguez For Her, and many others), Inside Mirror is resistant to the direct contact of fragrances or cosmetic products, it has the same chemical and mechanical properties and it fulfils the same specifications as the classic Inside coating,” explains the Italian glassmaker.

The mirror effect provided by Inside Mirror can be golden, silver or any other transparent colour.