For its new perfume, Lancôme entrusted the multi-material expertise of the Pochet Group for the production of this technically unique bottle, as well as the know-how of other renown suppliers.

The particularly demanding glass production was entrusted to France’s Pochet du Courval for the 75ml size, and to the Italian glassmaker Bormioli Luigi for the 25ml size, and double sourced from the two companies for the 50ml size.

The Pochet Group participated in the launch of the new Lancôme feminine...

The Pochet Group participated in the launch of the new Lancôme feminine fragrance by manufacturing the 75ml bottle (Pochet du Courval for the glass and Qualipac for the aluminium frame) and in co-sourcing with Bormioli Luigi for the 50ml bottle

The high shaped bottle features an extreme thin glass of only 15 millimetres thick, a first in the world of perfume. The walls of the bottle are so thin that the packaging becomes practically invisible to the benefit of the perfume. Manufacturing straight high walls and a very flat bottom and square shoulders while maintaining an extremely uniform glass distribution was a very demanding technical challenge.

At the centre of the bottle, the in-mould designed concave halo creates a particular vibration with the light. The transparency, brilliance and thinness of the glass are highlighted by a golden aluminium frame, which is also extremely thin. With a 90° metal bend and curved shaping mastered by Qualipac, the frame, glued with great precision, perfectly sticks all around the entire bottle.

The 25 ml bottle was produce by Italy's Bormioli Luigi

The 25 ml bottle was produce by Italy’s Bormioli Luigi

Designed as a familiar on-the-go object, the bottle is also refillable to reduce the environmental impact of the product.

Finally, on the occasion of the launch, Lancôme’s beauty advisers are equipped with a holster made by Priminter to easily hold the bottle they wear on the shoulder as an accessory.