Arcade Beauty Retail, the turnkey products division of the Arcade Beauty group, continues to consolidate its offering with new turnkey products, including a new range of washable and infinitely reusable pads and masks made from a neutral material.

Efficiency boosters

These accessories are applied to the face or a targeted area once the formula has been applied. According to Arcade Beauty Retail, they boost the absorption of the formula by the skin and reinforce its effectiveness.

Arcade Beauty Retail tested their power on targeted formulas based on a 1-hour application:
- Eye pad + serum = hydration tests concluded that the addition of the pad increased moisturizing activity by approximately 38%;
- Face mask + cream = the hydration tests concluded that the addition of the mask increased the hydrating activity by approximately 55%.

The eco-mask can also be combined with a non-woven mask to ensure that it stays in place and guarantees optimal results. These new generation masks and pads act as allies in beauty routines. They are suitable for any type of cream or serum.

100% customizable

Efficient and sustainable, these products are 100% customizable: by shape, color and print. Brands can turn them into fun and image-building objects, to be offered separately, in care kits or as gifts.