Launched in the second half of 2021 with the aim to offer “customizable and turn-key solutions that provide accelerated speed to market, with customer needs in mind,Arcade Beauty Retail has unveiled its first product offers.

A customisable full service offer

Focused on creativity and eco-friendly, innovative packaging and delivery systems, as well as sustainable materials and responsible sourcing, the new offer mainly includes sheet masks and pads, body care and hair products.

The collection already includes about thirty products, such as:

 Smart Shower Powder, a new powder formula to be completed at home by adding water;
 No-Rinse Shampoo, with 95% of natural ingredients, that wash hair and do not need to be rinse with water, hair just has to be dried with a clean towel;
 Sensitive Skin Moisturizer Sheet Mask, a no-rinse dermatologically tested sheet mask with 99.5% natural ingredients, including 10% organic ingredients.

All the formulas offered in the ABR catalogue are customizable, including with specific active ingredients chosen by the customer. ABR suggests the packaging which, of course, can be changed according to the image of the brand.

Future acquisitions

The retail business unit complements the Arcade’s traditional sampling offer. According to the company, the division already represents 20% of its overall turnover, and even 80% in Brazil where this activity already existed. "We are not a pure player in the packaging business, nor a pure contract manufacturer, we have a hybrid offer and we are able to address different market segments", Arcade Beauty CEO, Carl Allain, explained.

Arcade Beauty’s goal is for ABR to represent 50% of its global business by 2025. "This will also involve acquisitions or joint ventures, particularly in China where we need to strengthen our business," added Carl Allain.

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