For the launch of the new Dior Homme, the French brand wanted to keep the minimalist but powerful packaging identity of the first editions of their famous perfume. The bottle is reinterpreted with modernity while retaining its sober and elegant lines in a block sculpted in transparent glass topped with an impressive cap in Surlyn.

A transparent cap of such thickness could only be produced in Surlyn,” says Lionel Bevan, Technical Manager at Axilone, which was entrusted with the production of the packaging piece. "No other material could meet such design specifications, replace the glass whilst keeping a glass-like appearance and still enabling such a massive cap to be produced.

To overmould the insert, a large layer of material has to be injected, at the risk of deforming it. Thanks to Surlyn PC2000, which has a relatively low melting point compared to other materials, the technical team of Axilone was able to achieve perfect overmoulding by mono-injection, without any visual defect and with an unmatched surface finish. Not only does the insert remain intact but it is protected. In addition, its decoration in silver letters thanks to hot stamping is magnified by this depth-effect as a result over the overmoulding technique.

This great workability, which offers designers immense freedom, is “one of the main strengths of Surlyn”, says Dow, the manufacturer of this iconic resin in luxury packaging.

Shatterproof and resistant to scratches, Surlyn gives the packaging a premium appearance with its crystalline transparency, high gloss, soft and warm to the touch. For this latest Dior Homme edition, the cap is one with the bottle to create a monolithic, elegant and sober packaging that reveals the beauty of the juice. And as always, we received dedicated technical support from the Dow teams,” explains Maud Maillebuau, Project manager Packaging Dior.