Initially launched in 1957, the iconic fragrance L’Interdit is returning to centre-stage. For this new version, Givenchy has chosen both a new fragrance and a bottle that has been completely redesigned, to differentiate it from its predecessors. The new bottle takes the form of a translucent glass vial with a large thick base and smooth cap, with a transparent cap manufactured from Surlyn.

The new bottle for the 2018 version of L’Interdit, with a cap in Surlyn

For the design of the cap, Givenchy called on Axilone, a company specialising in plastic injection molding and metal stamping that for many years has been meeting the increasingly sophisticated needs of major international cosmetics brands. Surlyn was deemed the ideal material for this project due to its crystalline transparency, brilliance, the absence of inclusions and its ability to allow high material thicknesses in mono-injection. Axilone has been able to create a large moulding of Surlyn PC2000, produced in a single injection. This very thick piece gives the impression of being made of glass.

The development of this cap was achieved thanks to the excellent collaboration between our teams and those of Dow. The result meets all of the client’s specifications," said Lionel Bevan, Technical Director of Axilone.

In addition to reaching the desired aesthetic effects, Surlyn also offers both excellent chemical resistance to scents and scratch resistance, while its tactile qualities meet all of the brand’s expectations.

"We are once again extremely proud to work with Givenchy on this demanding project, sharing our knowledge, thanks to our close partnership with Axilone. The rendering of the cap is perfect," says Shouhaib Mohamed, Marketing Manager Perfumes & Cosmetics at Dow.