Like its collections, the packaging of the latest eau de parfum from the well-known Italian sportswear brand offers a classic design.

With its sober, clean and sleek design, the bottle of the eponymous perfume is enhanced by a cube-shaped cap made of Surlyn PC 2000. Developed by Groupe Medicos, the cap remains perfectly crystalline despite its high thickness. Inside the cap of this androgynous bottle, a pink or blue polypropylene insert differentiates women’s fragrances from those of men and visually echoes the marking of the bottle. Surlyn allows to give a natural brilliance and create a depth effect to the insert which takes on a distinctive relief.

Developed by Groupe Medicos, the Surlyn cap covers the androgynous bottle of FILA eau de parfum, available in two versions for women and men

"Surlyn allows preimmunising this simple bottle intended for a young public and which corresponds to today’s flat design trend. To produce this massive and crystal-clear cap, we had no other alternative but to use Surlyn. Only this resin can allow us to make transparent pieces with such a high thickness and an excellent surface quality in one-shot injection moulding. This cap gives the impression of being made of glass. Surlyn also has all the required properties in terms of chemical and scratch resistance as well as haptic qualities,” Annalisa Longoni, Sales Manager at Groupe Medicos in Italy.