While the cosmetics industry is gearing up around the world to supply the hygiene products necessary to fight the epidemic of Covid-19 linked to the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, Albéa is focusing its production on top-priority items such as hand sanitizers where we are witnessing a huge peak in demand.

We want to continue to support our customers in this crisis, and contribute to our countries’ economic activity. That is why we are enforcing all possible and every recommended protective measure to protect our people, working closely with our personnel and their representatives to design the best solutions for every site. The health and safety of our people and their families, and our business partners, is Albéa’s absolute priority,” said the group in a release.

Albéa, a leading supplier of packaging and dispensing solutions for personal...

Albéa, a leading supplier of packaging and dispensing solutions for personal care products, adapted its production to answer needs for tubes, pumps and other packaging for hydroalcoholic gel and daily hygiene products.

In such a difficult context, Albéa is working with its partners to deliver effective tube packaging solutions in order to fill the shortage in a significantly reduced lead time. “Based on the confidence of our package compatibility testing of high alcohol bulk products and similarly hard to hold consumer products, we have approved tubes available in either laminate or plastic (extruded) covering 10ml to 200ml fill volume in all regions,” the adds company.

Albéa thus benefited from the support of their partner IWK, a leading supplier of tube-filling machines, to adapt the lines to the new needs, identify the precautions to take on filling lines and provide technical assistance to enable the ramp-up of filling activities. Today, the group’s production lines dedicated to the production of tubes for hand sanitizers and to pumps for dispensing hygiene products operate at full capacity.

We are extremely grateful to all our people, in our sites and in their homes, for their mobilization, and for their many solidarity initiatives to help our communities,” concludes Albéa. “We are all citizens of the same world. Together, we will come out of this crisis stronger.