Yes To, a global leader in natural beauty products, has selected the Cosmogen’s Squeeze’n Spatula tube for the launch of their Yes To tomatoes White Charcoal Peel-Off Mask.

The tube’s patented open/close rotary head system allows to dispense the formula (ON), to apply and then clean it, while protecting the formula (OFF). The flexible and generous TPE spatula, intended to face and neck application, offers a "safe contact" experience.

Technical features :

Body: PE, Mono or multi-layer, Alu-multifoil
Cap: PP ; Holder: PP ;
Applicator: Spatula made of TPE
Decoration: Lacquering ; Silk screening ; Hot stamping ; Offset ; Labelling ; Metallization ; Varnish.
Capacity: 25 to 75 ml

The Cosmogen’s Squeeze’n Spatula tube is also available :

- In PCR or biobased material;

- With removable applicator and refill tube for easy sorting, refill, & recycling.

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