While wood-based closure systems have incomparable aesthetic qualities and offer good sustainability benefits, most of them are multi-material solutions, a characteristic making them hard to recycle. However, several full-wood solutions are now emerging with the promise of fully natural and biodegradable zero-plastic solutions.

Patented full-wood system

Quadpack Wood, for instance, has just introduced the first items of their Woodacity range, a full-wood patented solution combining durability and innovation: three monomaterial caps for fragrance and skincare.

Wood is technically challenging. A natural material with a well-known elasticity and water permeability, it’s almost impossible to be used as a beauty packaging component without a plastic insert. Until now,” explains the company in a statement.

In order to remove all plastic parts from the caps, a team of designers, engineers and technicians investigated the material in different conditions, shapes and combinations. Their aim was to obtain from wood the same functional properties and stability as plastic.

All stages of the manufacturing process have been redesigned, starting with the creation of controlled conditions for the drying, shaping and lacquering of the wood

Woodacity is a project that seemed impossible a few years ago, and it’s now a reality. It’s a full wood innovation that brings sustainable added-value to beauty brands,” celebrates Pierre-Antoine Henry, Quadpack’s Head of Categories.

Three new caps

The first three items of the Woodacity family include:

 Solo Snap: A globally patented snap-on cap with a unique pattern of interior ribs providing safety closure to the formula with a ‘click’.

 Solo Push: A friction fit cap with a unique pattern of interior ribs, Solo Push provides safety closure to the formula with a smooth gesture.

 Solo Turn: A full-wood thread cap with no plastic insert and a perfect match to Regula Glass, Quadpack’s line of stock glass jars.

The three caps are made in Europe with wood sourced from sustainably-managed forests.

New developments are on the way, including Quadpack’s own Q-line products that will have full-wood versions available.

Woodacity is a new way of looking at wood innovation. Our goal is to have our wood products to be either mono-material, refillable or easily disassembled,” concludes Pierre-Antoine Henry.

Enough to improve the environmental profile of the entire pack!