Cosmogen supported Womaness in the launch of its two pro-aging treatments Let’s Neck and Eye Opener.

Cosmogen’s patented Squeeze’n Roll and Tense tubes have become the respective packaging of the Lets’Neck and Eye Opener, two pro-aging skincare bestsellers from Womaness, the Californian brand founded to bring menopositivity to women.

Let’s Neck firms the neck and décolleté area with its massaging and refreshing metal roller applicator. Eye Opener revitalizes the delicate eye contour thanks to its metal tip as well.

Squeeze’n Roll belongs to the Squeeze’n range by Cosmogen and is characterized by its tip with on/off rotary closure, allowing to dispense (ON) then apply the formula and wash the applicator (OFF). The latest generation is completely removable to allow the applicator to be reused on a new tube, but also for recycling purposes.

The Tense Tube (available in recycled plastic) comes with five new textured metal applicators, designed to offer a different sensory signature on application. The applicator is also removable for reuse.