Still almost unknown in the world of cosmetics, 3D metal printing can help brands differentiate themselves and offer a better user experience.

Unique designs

According to Cosmogen, 3D metal printing technology is also of interest in terms of production, since it makes it possible to develop a unique and personalized applicator quickly, as no mould is required, while offering an original and unique dimension to the sensory experience, according to its design.

At the Luxe Pack show, held from October 3 to 5 in Monaco, the French company presented different models of made-in-France 3D-printed metal applicators mounted on the patented Fresh tubes [1], intended for lip care and eye contour care.

The cold applicator, immersed in its tube, makes it possible to extract a moderate dose of the formula thanks to its reliefs.

According to Cosmogen, this innovation, still at the concept stage, has already met with great success with brands and should quickly move into the industrialization step in France, maybe with a glass stem and tube.

Texurized zamak applicators

Beyond 3D printing, Cosmogen also presented five new applicators of their Tense tube. The sensations vary according to the patterns. Cosmogen is also able to develop new, exclusive designs upon brands’ request.

The Tense tube is already very popular with brands. The perceived benefit is immediate, thanks to the cold effect of its applicator and its easy and expert gesture. The design of this patented packaging had been completely redesigned so that the applicator could be removed and reused on a new tube, available in recycled plastic. All components, cap, applicator, tube are recyclable at the end of their life,” said Cosmogen in a statement.


Eventually, Cosmogen has showcased a patented concept consisting of a tube and a screwed metal pad applicator, which can therefore be reused on a new tube. The novelty lies in the texturization of the tip.