At CES 2024, the trend in beauty was clear: the time has come for artificial intelligence (AI), with technological innovations intended to get the application of beauty products ever simpler, precise and personalized!

At home manicure salon

This is the case, for instance, of the Nimble manicure salon, which calls itself the world’s first device to combine AI and complex robotics to paint nails flawlessly at home — without the hassle of making an appointment. Resembling a heavyset printer, the eight-kilo white box can varnish all ten fingernails and dry them in just twenty-five minutes.

According to its creators, the device uses high-resolution micro-cameras and 3-D imaging to determine nail shape, size and curvature. Then a small robotic arm, guided by AI algorithms, applies the requisite three coats, with a blow dry after each applied layer.

When it goes on sale in March, more than thirty colors will be available in capsules costing USD 10 each, enough for two complete manicures. The device costs USD 599.

A virtual beauty advisor

AI, a term often deployed as the latest catchphrase for anything tech, has also infiltrated beauty industry giants, as exemplified by the free Beauty Genius app, presented by L’Oréal. The innovation is intended to be an AI-supported "virtual personal advisor."

It recommends skincare and make-up products according to skin type, gives tips on techniques and answers questions about problems such as acne and hair loss. Users can also try out the products virtually.

Virtual tryouts

This is also the aim of the program Beautiful AI, created by Perfect Corp, which combines generative AI and virtual reality to perform live skin analyses, 3-D hairstyle or jewelry trials and make recommendations.

According to Perfect Corp CEO and Founder, Alice Chang, the ultimate goal is to create a "more fulfilled customer journey" by helping consumers to identify products and services that align seamlessly with their individual preferences.

Custom printed makeup

Korea’s Prinker, a specialist in ephemeral, customizable tattoos for skin and hair, is unveiling a similar product that will apply make-up this year.

The device will also put AI to work with a biometric 3-D scanner to map facial features and then recommend the right contours, "printing" the corresponding powders to the face.

Infrared hair blower

No doubt that beauty personalization tech was a key feature of this year’s CES. And companies also brought it to hair care!

L’Oréal presented their new connected hairdryer that can be customized via an app, taking hair type into account and automatically adapting power and heat distribution.

Dubbed Airlight Pro, the device uses infrared light to dry the hair, allowing it to preserve the hair’s moisture, explains Adrien Chrétien, head of augmented beauty development at L’Oréal. Due to go on sale in April, it also offers energy savings of 31 percent compared with a conventional appliance, he added.

"AirLight Pro, with over 150 patents filed, perfectly embodies this breakthrough in beauty by, for the first time, bringing a solution for drying while caring for the hair as well as the planet," says Barbara Lavernos, deputy CEO in charge of research, innovation and technology at L’Oréal.

Lip diagnosis, care and makeup capabilities in one pocket device

After presenting at last year’s CES, a device named Cosmechip capable of concocting bespoke skincare at home, the South Korean giant AmorePacific is back with a new innovation focusing on lip care.

The Lipcure Beam incorporates sensors that can diagnose the condition of the lips, including moisture levels, simply by swiping it over the mouth. Once this first step has been completed, simply remove the cap from the container to reveal an applicator tool. This applicator emits a customized light beam according to the diagnosis made, which interacts with a light-responsive material to reinforce collagen fibers and form a moisturizing barrier. Not only does this innovation help slow down the lip-aging process, but it also has the potential for color capabilities, based on a universal color system suitable for all skin tones. And best of all, it’s portable, making it easy to use any time, any place.

The high-tech leggings that stimulate muscles

Finally, let’s mention the leggings unveiled by biotechnology company Barun Bio, which feature patented WE-Stim (for "Wearing Electrical Stimulation") technology. Available in a range of colors, these workout pants feature conductive materials that use the energy produced by the body in motion (during exercise) to generate micro-currents to stimulate muscles and thus enhance performance. A new demonstration of the convergence of beauty and fitness!