The Omniscient Mr. Thompson, the latest addition to the Penhaligon’s Portraits collection, is a discreet, devoted butler and, above all, the keeper of family secrets, who finds himself a spectator to the Penhaligon’s family dramas.

For the elephant-shaped cap, which identifies the fragrance, the Spanish group Puig once again called on TNT Group.

The 100% recyclable zamak component is made up of three parts: one for the animal’s head and two for the tusks. TNT Group has achieved this fine exercise with great precision to convey the majesty of the elephant. For an ergonomic closure, the PP insert snap fits onto a gold-anodized aluminium collar seated upon a gold-plated brass pedestal.

A manufacturer of premium primary and secondary packaging, TNT Group has already produced the 18 previous zamak caps for the Penhaligon’s Portraits collection.

The Penhaligon’s Portraits collection celebrates the English establishment, and its sense of humour and provocation. The personality of each aristocratic character is expressed in the fragrance caps, each in the shape of an animal’s head, each with its own specific symbolism. The essence of Mr. Thompson’s character is expressed through notes of black pepper, oak wood and bewitching vanilla.