Seppic’s brand of cosmetic active ingredients builds on Adipoless’s success, a silhouette and anti-dark circle active ingredient, with the development of a new more natural version: Adipoless Eco.

A natural active ingredient derived from quinoa

This new ingredient meets the expectations of consumers looking for naturality without compromising on performance, explained Seppic in a statement.

To create this new active ingredient, Wesource ethnobotanists have targeted quinoa, a millennial plant, known for its multiple beneficial components.

Adipoless Eco is extracted from high quality organic crops in a natural solvent (bio-propanediol). The active is then protected with COSMOS certified preservatives.

Anti-dark circles action

Adipoless Eco revitalizes the eyes by limiting dark circles (tested in vivo after 28 days of application). “Eye contour is less marked: capillaries are strengthened & skin elasticity is maintained,Seppic claimed.

Prevent body fat storage

Furthermore, according to Seppic, Adipoless Eco maintains the silhouette and prevents the formation of new fat by regulating angiogenesis.

Wesource has thus found in organic quinoa a double efficiency ally for the contour of the silhouette and the eyes.