For Age Protect Instant Multi-Correction Filler-Care, its new skincare product in the Age Protect line, the dermocosmetic brand has chosen a skincare pump on a tube, developed by Aptar in partnership with Neopac.

This packaging preserves the formula and offers a great consumer experience by providing precision dosing in a travel-friendly format,” highlights Apatr Beauty + Home in a statement.

Combined with Neopac’s airless barrier tube, Aptar’s Evoclassic pump provides the formula with an optimal protection against external agents, thus allowing to lower the quantity of preservatives needed. It also creates a barrier against the product drying out or oxidising and reduces the number of needed in the formula. For consumers, the combination also brings the benefit of a more precise dosage compared to a classic tube.

The end result is a clean, hygienic and user-friendly product that can be used in every position, even upside down. A nomadic product, perfect for touchups throughout the day,” explains Aptar.

Developed by Neopac, the Polyfoil tube contains a layer of aluminium that protects the formula from light, air, water vapour and substance intrusion. Its internal non-stick layer allows the product to be removed easily and without waste.