Neopac equips its in 25 and 30 mm diameter tubes (contents of 15 - 75 ml) with the Evolux and Evoclassic airless pumps from Aptar.

Each pump type has different insides, including one where the contents do not touch any metal parts. The pumps can be individually decorated. Evoclassic: colouring from the colour sample or metallized. Evolux: with a metal collar, a transparent plastic cap or a metal cap. They close automatically and protect the contents well from air and bacteria.

The pumps are ideal for contents without preservatives. With the proven Polyfoil® barrier your product will also be optimally shielded from air, sun, moisture or chemicals,” says the company.

Furthermore, the Polyfoil® tube is now available in highgloss. Neopac developed a special laminate for this, comprising several layers bonded together. For best protection with perfect shine. The tube body is highly transparent with text also printed in gloss. Possible finishes for the tube are offset or screen printing with hot foil stamping.