Already present on the food supplements market, in particular with vitamin C, UPSA aims to turn this dynamic, fast-changing segment into a sustainable growth driver.

The market of food supplements in the form of gummies has achieved a double-digit growth in France for over five years. In the pharmaceutical channel, the main distribution network for these products, growth reached +15% in 2022, compared with the previous year. Today, in the US, 50% of food supplements are delivered in the form of gummies”, explains Anthony Lallier, Managing Director of UPSA France and in charge of UPSA Global portfolio development.

To gain a foothold in this market, the Southwestern French laboratory has acquired a stake in the British startup Rem3dy Health, which invented the first gummies using a patented 3D printing technology. The aim is to offer a holistic vision of wellness through an attractive range, without compromising on pharmaceutical quality or efficacy.

The 3D printing technology makes it possible to separate the actives without mixing or heating them. Their quality is therefore not altered over time. They are better preserved and the different layers contribute to the organoleptic pleasure. The result is a unique texture and taste, and gums that do not stick to your teeth. Plus, the formulas are vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free, and only based on natural colorants”, adds Anthony Lallier.

The UPSA x Nourished 7-in-1 Gummies come in five formulas combining vitamins, minerals, and plants: sleep, energy, beauty, immunity, and slimming detox. They have been available exclusively in pharmacies in France and Italy since November 2023, but will be gradually rolled out in other countries, mainly in Europe (Belgium, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, etc.), in 2024.

This launch, which is part of UPSA’s growth plan, is supported by a communication plan combining TV and digital channels, point-of-sale activations and sampling. Since September 2023, the UPSA x Nourished 7-in-1 Gummies have captured almost 10% of the pharmacy market and reached the second rank in France.

The products are manufactured in the UK by Rem3dy Health Group, and then they are distributed to pharmacies by the UPSA teams based in the town of Agen.

In an ever-changing environment, a company like UPSA can only keep growing if it constantly reinvents itself. Our acquisition of a stake in Rem3dy Health is a sign of our agility and desire to continue adapting our offering to new consumer expectations in the food supplements market”, concludes Isabelle Van Rycke, President and CEO of UPSA.