Skin diagnostics, virtual try-ons or customized skincare solutions have been among the essentials of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas for several years, which opened its 2023 edition to the public today. Riding on the trend, Neutrogena is launching a new-generation range of gummies. A novel offering that is the result of a collaboration between the cosmetics brand and personalized supplements specialist, Nourished.

The two organizations have worked hand in hand to develop gummies tailored to the nutrient needs of each individual’s skin, and all of which are 3D printed.

To achieve this, Neutrogena invites consumers to use Skin360, its skin diagnosis mobile app, which was presented a few years ago at CES. However, the gummies can alternatively be prepared and purchased online via a dedicated platform called SkinStacks, which is also the name of these new supplements.

Skin diagnostic

The idea is quite simple, and relies on artificial intelligence, and more specifically on skin diagnosis through a scan and a questionnaire. These allow users to obtain a one-month course of gummies containing the necessary ingredients to pamper their skin.

In detail, all you have to do is visit the website or the mobile application, and then start the diagnosis with a 360-degree scan of your previously cleansed skin. An initial assessment provides information on the current state of the skin, whether in terms of wrinkles or radiance. Then consumers are asked to fill out a questionnaire about their goals, their beauty routine, the problems they encounter on a daily basis, or the level of pollution where they live.

3D printing

Once these two steps are completed, the algorithm creates the gummies that best match the user’s skin, with no less than seven layers of ingredients specifically selected according to its specific needs: vitamins, zinc, selenium, and other nutrients designed to enhance the skin. It’s a sort of tailor-made beauty prescription! All that’s left is to do is buy the gummies that will then be 3D printed by Nourished.