Inspired by pieces of a puzzle that snap together, Aptar’s TwinSet airless duo package consists of two 15ml airless pumps that snap together or apart in one simple movement. One of the pump can be filled in with a hand sanitiser and the other with a hand care cream, thus offering a solution to the problem of dry hands caused by frequent washing and sanitizing.

The individual pumps stand upright alone and can be used together or separately.

According to Aptar Beauty + Home, the TwinSet’s airless pumps are fully customisable and interchangeable and can be easily modified to accommodate various types of skincare creams or sanitizers according to the combination preference.

On-the-go portability

The petite, portable format of TwinSet duo offers the added convenience of being easily slipped into a purse or thrown into the car’s glove compartment, ensuring the product is on hand at a moment’s notice.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of hand sanitizing products became an entrenched part of everyday life. While hand washing and sanitising have always played a large role in the daily hygiene habits for most consumers, these habits have been magnified in 2020. According to Euromonitor, nearly all consumers (93%) now wash their hands at least twice a day and over half of them do so five or more times.

For all their benefits in preventing transmission of the virus and other germs, repeated use of hydroalcoholic gels may damage the skin’s natural protective layer of sebum, sometimes leading to skin dryness and the need to moisturize more often,” explains the packaging manufacturer.

With TwinSet, Aptar intends to provide an easy remedy to the problem: a two-in-one packaging solution that enables consumers to sanitize and moisturize immediately afterwards.

Formula protection

Aptar’s TwinSet offers the usual benefits of airless pumps, for instance, it ensures formula protection, even when the product is subjected to the rigorous demands of on-the-go portability. Furthermore, the airless pumps deliver a precise and progressive dose each time.

Made from ultra light, 100% plastic, TwinSet duos are easily recycled,” adds Aptar.