The French supplier of high end packaging components, and leader in zamak transformation for perfumery, has worked closely with Binaurale’s ownership to create the imaginative globe caps of this fresh, new brand.

Binaurale was conceptualized in Miami by husband and wife, Arielle and Jack, a duo with backgrounds in fragrance and design. The collection includes four different scents brought to life in collaboration with Jérôme Epinette and Clément Marx, perfumers at Robertet. Each fragrance has a unique cap that tells a story.

The two founders provided TNT Group with 3D files detailing the desired characteristics of the cap such as the areas of the continents in relief and the curves of the coastlines. TNT GROUP engineers were then able to convert the 3D designs into technical files for industrialization, including tooling and production.

For TNT Group, the three challenges were finding a way to unmold the caps, minimizing the mold seams, and achieving the 3 color decor on an industrial scale. Engineering and innovation contributed to this amazing project.