The brand entrusted TNT Global Manufacturing with the design and making of the packaging for the lipstick (10 shades), the cap for the nail polish (8 shades), the cap and the collar for the bottle (6 fragrances).

The technical challenge lies in the hammered finish of the nail polish ring, the lipstick ball and the fragrance cap. This effect is achieved after die-casting by a specific process that was specially developed for these references, allowing the best combination between aesthetic rendering and qualitative finish. The decorative anodized gold aluminium plates with a debossed logo also required accuracy and a meticulous polishing. Especially the ski-shaped nail polish plate.

Lipstick: The ABS cap with it’s PP liner is also adorned with a anodized gold aluminium plate and stamped with the Jimmy Choo logo. A gold e-coated section plate completes the set. The base is an anodized gold aluminium stovepipe with a PP liner and a hammered zamak ball with a gold e-coated finish. All three pieces are crimped together.

Nail polish: A matt-varnish is applied on the ABS cap, in which is also placed a PP liner. The anodized gold aluminium plate is decorated with a debossed logo. The hammered zamak ring is gold e-coated. TNT Global Manufacturing assembled the brush to deliver a set ready for assembling on the bottle.

Fragrance: The cap is made of hammered zamak with gold e-coating. Inside, a crimped liner. The anodized gold aluminium collar in 2 pieces is crimped together. A debossed logo with silkscreen decorates the anodized gold aluminium plate.