The initial brief from the brand’s marketing department concerned an original representation of a flexible metal. "To respond to this atypical brief, we reviewed all the possibilities offered by the different metals", explained Thomas Diezinger, President of TNT Global Manufacturing.

Murielle Frowein, Promolib, and Thomas Diezinger, TNT Global Manufacturing

From then on, the idea of calling upon the Promolib Company led by Murielle Frowein, a specialist in secondary and promotional packs, gained ground. "Murielle is an expert in materials, especially flexible metallic materials. This is the option that we finally considered together," added Thomas Diezinger.

Puig’s marketing department was completely won over by this alternative to metal or glass. They really wanted to have an object which was the complete opposite of what was done in perfumery. Puig is a group that impels people to follow paths where no one has gone before. They needed people who were receptive to their curiosity," emphasised Murielle Frowein. Thirty mock-ups were then created, with molten metal as the new creative line.

Once the project was designed, a visit to the production sites in China with the development and purchasing teams of the Puig Group resulted in bringing together, in a single production site, the two competences.

"The Promolib factory boasts real expertise, particularly in welding and the knowledge of materials. While the TNT Global Manufacturing plant knows how to deal with strong technical industrial constraints, in terms of tolerance, repeatability, quality monitoring to make the process viable," stressed Thomas Diezinger.

A hand-in-hand development

Hence the know-how of the former company integrated the structure of the latter company and four specific automatic lines were created in TNT’s Chinese factory, to manage the various manufacturing stages. "It is unusual for two plants to work together hand in hand. Hence, this product only saw the light because of a deliberate desire to share," assured Murielle Frowein.

Starting from a blank page, the various stakeholders adapted themselves to the constraints that followed one another, one stage after another, continuing the development of the product to its production phase.

"We had in front of us a considerate, pragmatic and reactive client who fully assumed the audacity of his project and the hazards specific to innovation," explained Thomas Diezinger. The service provider speaks of an effective and constructive collaboration led by an open-minded marketing department and by the organization in pairs of the development and purchasing departments imagined by Puig.

"This product is a perfect illustration of Puig’s desire to develop products that are unlike any other, based internally, on a real partnership between, the marketing, development and purchasing teams and the suppliers. While using the know-how of the different entities and inviting them to work together in a very close way," summarize the two partners.

Design features

The object consists of a pouch made of different superimposed layers of materials - expressing a supple and soft appearance -, welded together. The pouch is printed in a gradient of colours, covered with a protective film to prevent any potential aggression of the juices. A rigid plastic bottle designed to host the juice is inserted before the final hermetic welding. The filling operation can then take place the same way as for any bottle.

A guaranteed wow effect

After 12 months of development, the launch of Pacollection achieved a full hit. Aesthetic, sensory, atypical, unbreakable, nomadic, positioned flat, flexible, with a capacity of 62 ml, an unusual format on perfume shelves, it startled its customer base of millennials as much as the industry, and was awarded the Prix Forme de Luxe and then more recently, the NJPEC Award. “This bottle is aimed more at a young public, who is found of nomadism, freedom, overcomes constraints; it is a ‘go anywhere’ perfume. The first feedbacks are very good," concluded Puig’s packaging development department.

From this fruitful collaboration emerged the entity TNT Promo France, a merger of the two protagonists involved in this great adventure.