TNT Global Manufacturing innovates with the R2AD, a refillable and removable cosmetic applicator designed to last and retain the consumer 

The R2AD is a patented massaging, removable and rotatable 360° metal ball applicator, combined with an airless refill. It is intended for the application of cosmetics for face and body, in institute, SPA and/or at home.

Its magnetic stainless steel ball provides an unlimited movement, as well as a 300% increased contact zone compared to a conventional roll-on applicator. Cooled, it optimizes the application for decongestant and draining care. While warm, it promotes the opening of pores for a better absorption. As an option, and for a softer feel, the ball can be covered with a plastic shell,” explains the company.

A single press on the airless cartridge is enough to deliver a precise dose, without risk of air return and contamination of the formula. After use, the removable ball of the R2AD applicator can be washed completely, or even sterilized for a perfect hygiene.

The refilling concept offers brands a loyalty solution for their customers as well as sustainability benefits. According to TNT Global Manufacturing, R2AD is particularly suitable for deodorants, essential oils, after shave and facial care.

Co-founded and headed by Thomas Diezinger (France) and Toby Cattermole (Hong Kong), TNT Global Manufacturing designs, develops and manufactures high quality metal - zamak, aluminium, brass, stainless steel - and plastic components for the perfume, cosmetics and makeup industry, such as: caps, shells, decorative plates, luxury boxes and cosmetic applicators’ components. The company reported a turnover of US$ 19.5 million in 2017 and employs 17 people, in Paris, Hong Kong and New-York.