To top the bottle of “Scandal for him”, its new men’s fragrance, the brand drew its inspiration from a ceremonial imperial crown. The cap has been co-developed by Puig (the brand’s licence owner) and TNT Global Manufacturing, and manufactured by TNT.

The gold electronicly-coated zamak crown surrounds the deep red cap, and is topped by a sun-plate with its debossed logo.

Zamak gives weight and a relief-type appearance to this delicately hollowed and airy shape, that comes over a ring of discreet opulence. TNT Global Manufacturing has also met the challenge of a perfect polishing between the arches,” said TNT Global Manufacturing.

The French supplier, specializing in high quality metal and plastic components, and founded in 20213 by Toby Cattermole and Thomas Diezinger had already made the zamak cap of the women’s version of Scandal, which was launched in 2017.