Premium Beauty News - The dates of Cosme Tokyo and Cosme Tech were changed from Summer to Autumn in order to get more exhibition space available. What are your goals regarding the number of exhibitors and visitors?

Hajime Suzuki - Our aim is to gather a total of 600 exhibitors at the next co-held editions of Cosme Tech and Cosme Tokyo, which represents an increase of 60 per cent compared the previous shows in 2013, which gathered 368 exhibitors. With more than five months left before the show, about 80% of the exhibition space is already sold and we expect it to be fully booked before the show starts.

Hajime Suzuki (left) & Kyoko Nagakusa (right), Reed Exhibitions Japan...

Hajime Suzuki (left) & Kyoko Nagakusa (right), Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.

We expect about 15% of the exhibitors to come from overseas, but the proportion could reach 30% for Cosme Tokyo, the event dedicated to finished products. So far, registered exhibitors come from 26 countries or regions [1].

As for visitors, our aim is to host 30,000 people, which represents a 50% rise compared to the previous year. It is an ambitious goal, but we have been achieving such tremendous growth ever since the launch of Cosme Tech. More international visitors are expected to participate in the event, especially from other Asian countries where made-in-Japan cosmetics are very popular.

Premium Beauty News - What will be the main events and innovations of the 2014 edition of the shows?

Hajime Suzuki - Within Cosme Tokyo 2014, we are launching an International Area that will become one of the main features of the event. Overseas exhibitors will showcase their products, besides made-in-Japan cosmetics.

As per last year, Korea and Thailand will be represented in national Pavilions, but on a larger surface. This year, Belgium and Switzerland will also have national Pavilions and some more are still expected to join.

In addition, there is a special pavilion for overseas companies who do not have importers in Japan, which is called “New Comers to the Japanese Market” Pavilion. As the Japanese market is strongly rebounding and import cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular, more and more international companies want to test their products at the show. We help companies participating in this area by conducting special promotional actions targeting importers and distributors in Japan.

Regarding Cosme Tech 2014, we are launching a new “World Ingredients Pavilion” dedicated to overseas companies that do not have a Japanese office yet. This area will gather new comers to the Japanese market, in particular start-up or smaller companies. We aim to encourage a wider range of overseas ingredients suppliers to challenge the Japanese market. Interests for new and advanced ingredients are increasing among Japanese consumers, especially in growing categories such as anti-aging and natural/organic. Thus, cosmetics manufacturers are eager to find new ingredients. The Japanese market is increasingly attractive.

Premium Beauty News - What about organic and natural cosmetics?

Hajime Suzuki - Actually, organic products are one of the fastest-growing categories at Cosme Tokyo 2014. There is a dedicated “Organic Zone” but organic cosmetics/toiletries are exhibited in almost every zones. Overseas products are dominant in this category, which is one of the reasons international exhibitors are increasing rapidly, especially from European countries and Australia, but also from the Middle East, Africa and Asian countries.

The trend is also prominent in Cosme Tech: many ingredients and OEM suppliers will showcase innovative natural and organic ingredients or formulations.

Premium Beauty News - The Cosme Tech show is dedicated to suppliers. How is this part of the event evolving?

Hajime Suzuki - Cosme Tech 2014 is expected to account for about 60% of the total of exhibitors. It is almost fully booked already and we are trying to prepare some additional space by re-adjusting the layout.

Cosme Tech has already become one of the largest exhibitions in Asia for cosmetics OEM and packaging suppliers, and it is still growing.

Regarding the Container/Packaging Zone, 8 of the top 10 manufacturers of cosmetic containers in Japan have already decided to exhibit. Regarding the OEM/ODM Zone, more than 100 exhibitors are expected to present their services, including Japan’s top player Nihon Kolmar and Italian company B. Kolor Makeup & Skincare.

Premium Beauty News - How is the Japanese market evolving for personal care products?

Hajime Suzuki - Japan is one of the world’s largest cosmetics market and the world’s largest market for skincare. The Japanese economy is strongly rebounding and consumer spending is going up, especially for luxurious items including high-end cosmetics.

The economic context explains why more and more European brands are exhibiting at Cosme Tokyo. Most of them have strong assets in categories that are growing in Japan, such as premium, organic and anti-aging cosmetics.

The demand for premium ingredients and services from Europe is also increasing in Japan and could boost Cosme Tech. Quality is very important for Japanese consumers and European products have a very good image. I’m convinced more European companies will join us to challenge Japan’s attractive market.