Texen Beauty Partners built up on their eyeliner expertise to create two new makeup products for the Yves Rocher and Dr Pierre Ricaud brands.

This execution was extremely ambitious, both in terms of design and the ergonomics of the pack, as well as in the optimal combination of the different components,” said Texen Beauty Partners in a statement.

For Yves Rocher’s new eyeliner as for the one second signed Dr Pierre Ricaud, Texen Beauty Partners focused closely on its sourcing to select “the perfect applicator and wiper.

Both were conceived in three parts: a cap made primarily from injected ABS that combines the wand and applicator, the wiper (LDPE and POE) and the 3 ml bottle (PE). Printing on both back and front was realized using hot stamping.

These packs stand out for their pretty curved forms and their perfect ergonomics. Their long wands help to grasp the pack, making application intuitive,” added the brand.

Thanks to a felt tip, the wand allows a “precise application in a variety of ways.