In response to growing demand from brands and thanks to its sourcing flexibility and multi-material expertise, Texen Beauty Partners has seized the opportunity to invest in a global eco-design approach built upon paper and cardboard solutions for several recent projects. The palette recently created for the Sothys brand is a prime example.

Complementary to Texen Industries’ core activities, this strategy oriented around paper and cardboard has allowed the company to test the multiple benefits of such materials. Extremely environmentally friendly both for their weight and recyclability, with the right thickness, they also offer great strength and protection. Further advantages include a versatility of decoration options and possible shapes and volumes. Without the need for tooling, cardboard is a prime contender for flexible developments and short production runs, and is incredibly versatile esthetically, suitable for designs from the minimalistic to the most luxurious,” says the company in a statement.

Premium Beauty

For its summer bronzing powder, Sothys selected a maxi-format (18g.) palette with a chic jungle décor. Delicately fragranced, the mat-finish powder creates a subtly bronzed look. Its format allows it to be comfortably held in the hand and the texture of the paper is soft and smooth.

For this development, Texen selected a paper produced from sustainably managed forests. Printed in four colors, Sothys’ jungle décor appears in trompe l’oeil. Its shiny finish is achieved thanks to a lamination process. The compact features an insert dyed in contrasting black designed to hold the pressed powder and texturized to resemble the outer décor. A magnetic closure holds the lid in place.