François-Xavier Entremont, President of PSB Industries

François-Xavier Entremont, President of PSB Industries

For several years, right up until its recent divestment of its Healthcare & Industry division (Plastibell), PSB Industries has centered its strategy around Texen, its Luxury & Beauty division. The shift was initiated in 2017 with the sale of the Fine Chemicals division (Baikowski). Then, in 2018, the group sold its Agri-Food & Distribution division to Faerch Plast.

Organic and external growth

Now acting as a financial holding company, PSB Industries intends to continue to push Texen’s growth both organically and through new opportunities with a global leadership on the luxury and beauty packaging market thanks to a positioning centered around the environmental transition.

The environmental transition is no longer up for debate. Following a global strategic review, we have repositioned the company in order to rise to the challenges based on a single mission: transforming matter into experience in a virtuous way. We will invest and seize opportunities to allow Texen to push the product and consumer experience in a sustainable manner, contributing to the circular economy,” François-Xavier Entremont, President of PSB Industries, said in a statement.

[For instance, Texen recently signed a non-exclusive partnership agreement with Roctool to use their ultra-fast heating and cooling technology of plastic injection moulds and tools.->,17354] The company wants to use this technology with recycled materials in order to reduce the environmental impact of plastic packaging, while respecting the expectations of beauty brands regarding quality and aesthetics.

Global industrial tool

Beyond environmental issues, Texen also intends to rely on a global, robust and homogeneous industrial platform. The company currently employs 1,200 people spread over eight production sites in Europe, the United States, Mexico and China, and three sales and trading offices, which are themselves in relation with numerous partners in Asia.

This tool will be focused on innovation, with a priority given to a package’s function and usage and the esthetic and emotional experience it offers. This implies “a quest for quality, the internalization of high added-value expertise and new technologies, notably inspired by other markets and segments,” the company highlighted.

New management team

To carry out this roadmap, Texen’s new executive committee is now led by Rémi Weidenmann, Managing Director, who joined the group in 2014.

Furthermore, a new duo made up of Pierre-Yves Quéfélec, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Innovation, and Christophe Cabut, Senior Vice President of Operations, in charge of all the company’s manufacturing facilities, is joining the company. “We have formed a young and self-sufficient team capable of facing up to the challenges and disruptions our sector is facing,” said Rémi Weidenmann.