Just one year after the signing of their non-exclusive collaboration agreement, the two companies are moving up a gear. Indeed, Texen has just launched its first production and is investing more extensively in new Roctool production systems under its BESST [1] Transform brand.

Thanks to Roctool’s ultra-fast heating and cooling technology of plastic injection moulds and tools, Texen can provide its customers with new opportunities when it comes to transforming and sublimating new-generation materials, including recycled and bio-sourced plastics.

Upgraded production lines

Following the installation of its first Roctool equipment in 2020, Texen is accelerating the deployment of the technology within its French manufacturing facilities. Several of its production lines are now equipped with new Roctool systems.

With the aim of offering the benefits of co-development to its customers, the Texen Lab, equipped since the beginning of 2021, thus offers solutions that “address the combined challenges of sustainable design, competitivity and Brand Equity.

During the year, this partnership approach has been implemented through a first development: an ultra-premium solution made from 100% recycled resin, the first step in developing a makeup range for which the brand selected PCR resins.