For the launch of the new version of its iconic Lip Comfort Oil range, Clarins has selected Texen’s 100% European production.

For this project, Texen managed the production and assembly of several components: the cap and collar, engraved and metallized in gold, the brush holder and the wiper, the bottle with an ultra-premium thick bottom that guarantees formula protection thanks to a specific treatment.

Ultra-precision wiper

This development required particular vigilance. This was particularly true for the wiper, which need to be adapted to the ergonomics of the applicator chosen by the brand so that exactly the right amount of oil is extracted, resulting in “an optimal application with a voluptuous gesture”.

This was possible thanks to the collaboration between the marketing and development teams at Clarins and Texen, right down to application tests and the adjustment of the wiper in real time.

Decorated to the nearest millimetre

The brand’s décor is engraved directly in the mould on the collar and the top of the cap with precise indexation of the motifs and lettering on both parts so they are perfectly aligned for maximum brand visibility.

Available in eight standard shades, Lip Comfort Oil is also available made-to-order with a concept dubbed “Lipgloss Factory.” This allows the consumer to create her own shade and to order it online.