For the launch of a 10x10cm compact, one of the largest in their Les Beiges line, Chanel has chosen a food-grade recycled PET. In order to meet the brand’s demanding aesthetics requirements and design codes, Texen had to reinvent its productions tool, in partnership with Roctool.

Taking into account the technical constraints of the raw material, it was important to be especially attentive to the aesthetics of this thin-walled compact with a hinge that is particularly difficult to assemble.

Texen has been investing in R&D, industrial capability and in rebuilding conventional logistics capabilities for 18 months. This optimization work concerned the full value chain: from the sourcing of the recycled material, the use of a high-solid varnish and the group’s investment in the BESST (Beauty Experience Sensation Surface by Texen) technology, which allows the sublimation of the material to give super-premium aesthetics and absolute shine to manufactured parts, including ultra-thin ones.

The Texen Lab has a dedicated equipment for creating prototypes in conditions that resemble industrial ones, allowing the material to remain fluid and thus manufacturing a flawless packaging solution. “Among other things, this technology helps to overcome some of the main impediments linked to recycled materials,” highlights Texen.