TechnicoFlor’s 5,000 sqm new production facility will allow the family business to double its production capacity, bringing it to 2,000 tonnes of perfumes per year. Moreover, thanks to the automation of the entire process, TechnicoFlor plans to halve the duration of its operations and thus be able to supply its customers in less than 5 days.

The cornerstone of this new facility is a modular robot of more than 40 meters long with very short production cycles that can weight more than 500 liquid raw materials and produce several sizes of orders at the same time (from 5 to 1000 litres ). In addition, a module dedicated to powders can process 20 different raw materials with weights ranging from 30 mg to 1000 kg. To avoid pumps, the products are entirely filled using gravity. A state-of-the-art R&D laboratory completes the brand new construction.

Of course, the site has been designed to reduce the environmental impact of production activities.

"With the new site and the help of all of our perfumers and employees, we are able to create innovative formulas that respect nature, and supply our customers with very short delays", explains François-Patrick Sabater, Founder and Chairman of TechnicoFlor.

International development

The company, which currently generates 55 million euros in turnover, intends to use these new production tools to boost its growth and reach its target of 100 million euros within three years.

Already selling in more than 60 countries - in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Western Europe and Central Europe - TechnicoFlor plans to open a new creative centre in Moscow and to build a new production site in Shanghai, in the so-called Beautéville, China’s new “Cosmetic Valley”.

The company, which specializes in natural and responsible compositions, is also strengthening its environmental commitments by participating in the creation of a new fair trade supply-chain in Burkina Faso. After launching a responsible purchasing program in 2020, as well as a perfume biodegradability calculator, TechnicoFlor now wants to launch an "Eco-Score" in order to offer more transparency to consumers.