The growth of the company is clearly driven by the green wave which has made it possible to rediscover wood as a durable, flexible, elegant material, adapted to the needs of the perfume and cosmetics industry. “It can’t be denied that consumer awareness is shifting towards the use of wood as a sustainable and natural material associated with luxury,” said Ángel Pujolasos, Chief Strategy Officer and co-CEO.

USA and beyond

Europe remains by far the main market for the company, which focuses on manufacturing caps for the perfume and cosmetics markets, as well as wines and spirits, with the latter being on the rise.

At the moment, our main objective is to supply the perfumery and cosmetic sectors in Europe in general and, more specifically, in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Sweden, countries where the demand for wood-based packaging and accessories accelerated last year, despite Covid,” added Ángel Pujolasos.

Thanks to their commercial partnership with SGB Packaging, Pujolasos is also experiencing strong growth in North America. Beyond that, the company is represented by Identiscents in the Middle East and is currently in negotiations with distributors and agents in South America and Asia.

Innovation and agility

To stimulate the interest in its products, the Spanish SME has strived over the last few months to answer key questions regarding the durability of wooden caps, in particular by improving their recyclability. These efforts gave birth to the series called "Woork®", "Woodle®” and "Woon®" (detailed here).

These innovations meet the exact needs of our customers in terms of sustainability, compostability, recyclability and use of natural, sustainable and organic materials,” explains Isabel Pujolasos, co-CEO.

The very own qualities of wood also make it a very flexible product that perfectly suits to the needs for agility that characterize new trends in the perfume and cosmetics market.

Much more than just being sustainable, natural and organic, wood is also a luxurious packaging material that is available for big capacities at very low cost when it comes to customisation,” highlights Sergi Gonzalez, Sales Manager at Pujolasos.

In concrete terms, creating custom designs is much cheaper for wood than for plastic or glass, and faster, since no costly or complicate mould is required. This makes it possible to serve niche brands as well as very large series. Eventually, the only limitation of wood is a texture that complicates decoration processes, but “great progress has been made in this area,” adds Sergi Gonzalez.