Fed with in-depth knowledge of cosmetics packaging in all its aspects and influenced by the changing expectations of North-American luxury to indie brands, SGB Packaging has developed a significant offering of solutions for all beauty segments. The family company boasts a portfolio of standard and tailor-made products, including droppers, glass jars and bottles, airless packaging, plastic tubes and jars, Bakelite caps, wood, samples, secondary packaging, mascara brushes…

A complete range of sustainable solutions

Over the past few years, SGB Packaging has changed their offering according to the main market trends. They have developed various ecodesigned alternatives, from single materials or materials with RPET to biosourced resins. “We aim to have a large number of possibilities at hand for brands, because all of them do not have the same approach,” explains Lauren Gibli, Executive Vice President Sales & Operations.

The broad range of airless containers, which offer a capacity up to 250 ml, is now also available with resins based on 30% or 50% of PCR or bio-resins.

In the glass sector, SGB doubled their number of standard references, some of which are based on up to 50% of recycled glass. A new exclusive 100% PCR-based glass line called Wild Glass has completed the range: it is available in green or amber tinted glass. “This line is about to revolutionize the market with a real unique environmental offering,” says Shoshana Gibli.

Wood is also part of the range of solutions, as can be seen with the Woom and Woodle caps developed by Spanish wood packaging specialist Pujolasos. The former is a glue- and plastic-insert-free cap made of wood and cork, which means it is fully biodegradable. The wooden part is threaded inside to be screwed on a jar or a bottle. The latter features an easily removable plastic insert, so materials can be recycled separately. The insert can be made of PCR plastic or another sustainable resin.

A choice of targeted innovations

In the field of sampling and single-use solutions, the SGB catalogue was enriched with solutions adapted to the sanitary context, like Livstick developed by Livcer. The test is presented in the form of a single-use wooden stick whose tip is coated with a lipstick formula. Inserted in a blister pack, it ensures optimum conditions for the test.

The recent arrival among the partner selection of Ponzini, a leading manufacturer in the field of brow and mascara brushes, completed the portfolio of products with a range of 30 new standards meeting volume, separation and thickness requirements. These products are available injected, as organic filaments or fibres, and based on castor oil.

In the dropper category in which SGB boasts a historical expertise, the offering was broadened with several innovations developed by their partner Virospack. The Childproof Locking Dropper provides the same performance as an aesthetic dropper, but it is also adapted to children, for the most risky products, like topical treatments with CBD. The Ring Dropper is a new version of the dropper with a big pushbutton switch which makes it all easier to use. The Zamac Tip Dropper, with a Zamak tip at the base of the pipette, is intended for the eye care segment and other targeted applications.

Lastly, SGB Packaging added to this selection of packaging solutions an offering of turnkey services from product formulation to filling, including secondary packaging production.

This global brand support helped the company get through a critical year 2020 and consider the new boom of the American market with equanimity. “We have already observed a recovery, although women, who were confronted with their own image on screen during lockdown, kept taking care of their skins, hair, and bodies,” says Shoshana Gibli.