With hair and beauty salons shut down across Brazil for much of 2020 - a scenario that repeated in early 2021 - hair dye addicts had only two options: opt for a more natural look and assume their grey hair, or dyeing their hair themselves. Those who have opted for the second solution have contributed to the growth of the category in the country.

Our sales of hair dyes in Brazil increased by 15% compared to 2019,” says Clelia Angelon, CEO of Surya Brasil, a company she founded 25 years ago. A result well above the 3% that the company announced to Brazil Beauty News in June, at the outset of the pandemic in the country.

Natural products

Henna is at the heart of the company’s portfolio of natural and vegan products.Our henna cream is easy to apply, ready to use, has no unpleasant odour and contains 93.61% ingredients of natural origin. It is compatible with all chemically treated hair (straightening or other). It covers and protects grey hair from the very first application. Our henna powder is 100% natural and vegetable. It colours and treats the hair, giving it intense shine and forming a protective film around the hair fibre,” explains the founder of the brand.

In addition to henna products and colouring accessories, the brand’s catalogue includes shampoos, conditioners and hair care masks. Like many cosmetic brands, Surya Brasil recently launched its own alcoholic gel and fabric masks for the prevention of Covid-19.

Pharmacy chains

It was in drugstore chains, which never ceased their operations in Brazil during the epidemic, that Surya Brasil experienced the most significant growth last year: +27% compared to 2019. However, according to Clelia Angelon sales also rose in supermarkets and online.

Although 2020 has been very difficult for companies in Brazil, for Surya Brasil it has been a very rewarding time. We have invested in digital and in our team and we have been surprised by the strong demand for our products from national and international distributors,” she adds.

African markets

Surya Brasil’s products are already available in more than 40 countries. The company entered the African continent last year, in particular in Congo, Kenya and South Africa. “The African continent offers a very promising business potential for Surya Brasil. Our formulations are ideal for the afro hair,” says the CEO.

In 2020, the brand also debuted in India, Colombia and Costa Rica. "Our sales are growing in the different markets where our products are available yet", adds Angelon.

For 2021, the brand intends to enter new African countries and is also working to conquer more space on the Asian continent. In addition to expanding its export sales, the company is also aiming at strengthening its position in Brazil, particularly online. According to its projections, growth in 2021 should continue at an even faster rate as the previous year, around 20%.