Dubbed GOGREEN, this new eco-design tool was created for Superga Beauty by sustainability consulting group Quantis. It makes it possible to assess the environmental impact of the products manufactured by the company (bags, cases accessories) from the design stage and throughout their life cycle.

Environmentally-friendly initiatives are firmly rooted in our company’s ethos. We developed GOGREEN in response to questions asked by our clients and to offer support in their CSR strategies in a pragmatic and objective manner,” outlines Leslie Bréau Meniger, Director General - Superga Beauty.

In concrete terms, Superga Beauty has made the tool available to their clients since March with the aim to better address their expectations related to sustainable development and CSR issues, from the very beginning of a project.

A reliable methodology

The tool’s core is based on the Ecoinvent database - the global benchmark for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), used in over 40 countries, which provides the basics of the GOGREEN analysis. It includes data from all stages of the lifecycle, including end of life.

In addition, over 200 materials are listed, as well as 40 transformation processes and 20 decorative processes.

GOGREEN thus makes it possible to quantify the carbon footprint and water consumption of each manufacturing campaign, taking account of the entire product lifecycle.

We can simulate design and material options to best assess their carbon footprint. To improve a product profile, we can activate five different levers: material, closure, decoration, packaging, shipping,” explains Leslie Bréau Meniger.

By facilitating responses to very concrete questions (How to understand the effect of changing a material? Is it best to use cotton or hessian? What about PU?), GOGREEN allows brand fine tuning the different parameters of a project and thus reducing the carbon footprint of their gift campaigns.

Example of the improved environmental impact of a toilet bag for a campaign of 100,000 units.

- 10 litres of water saved per toilet bag, by changing the material, equating to 250 Olympic swimming pools

- Carbon footprint reduction of 20%, through removal of the metal eyelet which is the equivalent of 70 return trips from Paris to New York

- More responsible sourcing through use of RPET which uses recycled plastics

Not only does the tool guide us in our developments, but also in our innovation. Our aim is not to replace our clients, but to offer clarification in their choices, and allow them to measure progress and communicate with consumers,” concludes the company’s DG.

A subsidiary of Superga Invest, founded and directed by Alain Bréau since 2001, Superga Beauty is organised around three distinct divisions: Sub-Contracting (manufacture of care products & perfumes, filling, packaging, copacking), Promotion & Retail (design and manufacture of packaging, luggage, brushes and dispensers), Full Service (manufacturing, brand-free products, Full Buy). Superga Beauty owns five industrial sites based in France and has a team of some 350 employees spanning three continents.