Resulting from the merger of the respective activities of BPS - a subsidiary of the Superga Group specialising in manufacturing, packing and co-packing with six production sites in Northern France - and Manifesto Factory, which designs and manufactures promotional items dedicated to the luggage, jewellery, textile, perfume and prestige alcohol markets, Superga Beauty made their first appearance last January during the PCD trade show in Paris.

Based on a design by Thierry de Baschmakoff, Masha Zanier, a young Parisian of Russian and Georgian heritage hailing from the fashion world, entrusted Superga Beauty to give substance to her project of a new fragrance brand dedicated to highlight the talent of creators of perfumes.

A talented master perfumer, one of Firmenich’s main perfumers, and the creator of 200 perfumes, Vincent Schaller was chosen as the very first artist to create HOC first set of perfumes dubbed London City and featuring three fragrances 11:00 AM, 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM inspired from the very specific atmosphere of the British capital.

With a vibrantly-coloured adornment on its four outer sides, the bottle features an original engraving that tells the perfume’s story on the top of the magnetic cap. Each fragrance is presented in a magnetised wooden box with a matte varnish finish bearing the brand’s monogram.

Our know-how, which serves the beauty industry, coupled with the Superga Invest Group’s reach in the luxury sector, have allowed us to currently offer niche brands tailormade solutions for their perfume creation, skincare and makeup initiatives,” explains Nathalie Dickeli-Duvoisin, Director of the Superga Beauty Full Service Division.

Indeed, Superga Beauty intends to build on the emergence and growing success of Indies Brands, which are looking for suppliers able to support them from the outset of their project, to develop a unique offer based both on Manifesto’s tailor-made design capabilities and BPS’s production and packaging capabilities.

In addition, Manifesto Factory has recently expanded its offer with the acquisition of Pictogramme, a French company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of high-end advertising objects and gifts. This strategic acquisition will enable the company to provide its customers with “made in France” (or in “made Europe”) premium solutions and to meet the increasing demand for small series.

This acquisition is a step further in the strengthening of Superga. Founded in 2001 by Alain Bréau, the group is focusing on services to companies operating in the leading sectors of the French economy: luxury, cosmetics, fashion, and retail. Today, the group has annual turnover of approximately 100 million euros and employs nearly 1,000 employees mainly in France.