To meet the expectations of beauty brands seeking sustainable alternatives for conventional plastic packaging, Sulapac has expanded its portfolio with a new material designed to match with their qualitative and aesthetic specifications.

Named Sulapac Luxe, the new bio-based material has been designed for substituting hard plastics, including ABS. The main goal was to create an environmentally conscious solution that would still offer high-end luxury feel, function, and aesthetics in line with the requirements of luxury brands.

Combining aesthetics and durability

One major challenge beauty brands face in replacing conventional plastics is the strict performance criteria of the chosen materials,” says Colin Strobant, International Sales Director at Sulapac. “With Sulapac Luxe, we have shown that conventional plastics can be easily replaced without compromising on quality. We have listened to our customers’ challenges, and the material has been through an extensive development process to ensure it stands up to the highest demands for luxury performance.

Sulapac Luxe is a high density material, that is resistant to temperature fluctuations. It offers a series of important characteristics for luxury brands: a ceramic feel and sound, and a glossy, smooth surface.

This material is recyclable and, as all Sulapac materials, it can also be made with recycled content. Sulapac Luxe is made from industrially compostable materials, it leaves no permanent microplastics or toxic load behind.

Sulapac is a pioneer in recycled bio-based materials and our aim is to use only recycled biopolymers within the next 5 years,” says Sulapac’s CEO and Co-founder Dr. Suvi Haimi.

The material is commercially available to all manufacturers. According to Sulapac, Sulapac Luxe slips seamlessly into existing injection moulding production lines and several high-end beauty brands have already shown interest in utilizing it in combination with their existing glass fragrance bottles or jars.

The Finnish company had already demonstrated its ability to meet the stringent requirements of luxury brands by developing exclusively for Chanel the sustainable bottle caps for the fragrance range Les Eaux de Chanel and the lid for the N° 1 de Chanel cream (FSC certified wood chips and upcycled camellia seed shells).

The new launch comes on the heels of the creation of the BetterBarrel in partnership with makeup pencils maker Schwan Cosmetics last year, and Toly’s Infinity Line for powder compacts.

Besides materials for injection moulding and extrusion, Sulapac’s portfolio includes solutions for thermoforming allowing cosmetic companies to create sustainable logistic trays and point-of-sale displays, as well as for 3D printing enabling sustainable prototyping.