The online retailer specialising in the sale of high-end beauty products, is transferring its online business to England. Feelunique will only keep in France its network of physical stores, which are required to be able to trade certain selective brands.

Almost five years after the creation of Feelunique France, the Paris-headquartered subsidiary "is in a precarious economic situation which is constantly deteriorating" said the British company in a statement. Furthermore, "none of the measures” implemented by Feelunique France were successful in stopping its difficulties.

As of April 1, Feelunique’s French website will thus be directly managed by teams at the group’s headquarters in London, which are already managing websites of other European countries such as Germany or Norway. "This reorganization will be transparent for French customers who will be able to continue making their purchases on the French site, in euros, while benefiting from the same advantages (promotions, loyalty program, etc.)", highlights the retailer.

Feelunique’s French website will now be directly managed by teams at the group’s headquarters in London

Founded in 2005 in Jersey, Feelunique is a major player in the online retail of beauty products in the United Kingdom. The company created its French subsidiary in November 2016, acquiring a network of brick and mortar stores, with the aim to grow in the country.