For the brand new oil of their NativAge line, La Colline has chosen the standard ‘Classic Slim’ bottle manufactured by Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie.

The 30 ml cylindrical bottle protects the oil formulated with a variety of different oils and made from 95% natural ingredients. Complementing, the Swiss brand’s signature collection, the NativAge oil is designed to preserve the beauty of the skin, restore its radiance and fight signs of ageing.

Stoelzle was also asked to create a unique decoration for the bottle.

Three finishing processes were applied. First, a crystal gold spraying on which a pinkish/gold hot stamping of the brand name was applied. Then a silk-screen printing in brown tones was made on the back of the bottle. And finally, varnish layer was applied to create an overall shiny appearance of the bottle, as well as helping to protect the entire decoration.

La Colline knew the bottle would require a unique colouring to complement the oil inside. Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie rose to this challenge and spent many hours searching for the exact colour to meet this specific need.