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Spain: Four years of uninterrupted growth for the cosmetics market

With an increase of 2% in the last year, the consumption of perfumery and cosmetics in Spain reaches 6,954 million euros, according to a recent report by STANPA. Spain is the 5th European market for the consumption of perfumes and cosmetics the world’s 2nd largest exporter of perfumes after France.

The Spanish perfume and cosmetics market has grown by +2% in 2018 according...

The Spanish perfume and cosmetics market has grown by +2% in 2018 according to Stanpa

After a +3.5% rise in 2016, followed by a +2.15% rise in 2017, the Spanish perfume and cosmetics market continues to perform very well. According to figures recently published by the Spanish Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (STANPA), sales of perfumes and cosmetics grew by +2% in 2018.

The Spanish market has reached the EUR 6,954 million mark and thus ranking as the fifth European market for beauty products, with a per capita consumption of EUR 150 per year, far above the European average of EUR 137 per person and per year.

World’s second largest exporter of fragrances

Exports of perfumes, cosmetics and essential oils are increasing too and have reached EUR 4,680 million in 2018.

Export perfumes and cosmetics (excluding essential oils) reached EUR 4,260 million euros in 2018, representing an increase of +10% compared to 2017. Spain has thus established itself as the second largest exporter of perfumes, only lagging behind France, but ahead of Germany and the United States. Exports of this product category have reached 1,820 million euros, which represents 39% of the total.

Spain is the second largest exporter of perfumes, only lagging behind...

Spain is the second largest exporter of perfumes, only lagging behind France

However, Spain also strengthened its position as an exporter of essences and aromas. Exports of essential oils have grown by +8.4% in 2018 to 420 million euros. Citrus oils such as grapefruit, lemon or orange leading the way of the country’s exports in this category.

Face and body care products

Personal hygiene and skincare products are the main categories of the Spanish personal care market. According to STANPA, these categories represent 52% of the country’s consumption of personal acre products.

Thus, sales of face care products increased by +4% in the past year. A total of 97 million units of these products were sold during 2018 in Spain.

The consumption of perfumes represents 20% of the total of the beauty industry and has grown by 4.6% during 2018, with a good performance of men’s perfumes (+5% in 2018).

The importance of one’s image is becoming increasingly important in a hyperconnected world, as reflected by the growth in colour cosmetics sales (+5%), now reaching a market share of almost 10%. Eye makeup grew by +7% in 2018, facial makeup by +5.5% and lipstick by +4.7%.

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