Superga Beauty is innovating and standing out thanks to its brand-new line of promotional gifts for beauty brands, its core target. With the Soliflora range, a 100% customisable collection of contemporary vases, the French group is offering its client brands a sustainable gift opportunity which can be used outside of the bathroom.

With this brand-new range, Superga Beauty aims at opening up a whole new range of possibilities to cosmetic and personal care brands, through a different object – a vase – which allow premium gifts to be at home anywhere in the house.

The vase is a gift with strong added-value and one which is perfectly at home anywhere in the house. It is a much-loved decorative object by consumers, and will allow the brand to get a foothold in the daily lives of its clients away from the bathroom and in a sustainable manner. It meets the requirements of brands to offer a unique luxury gift as well as the aspirations of their clients to own a truly aesthetic and contemporary object which can be used over and over again”, underlines Nathalie Dickeli, Promotion & Full Service Managing Director.

A sustainable object

The line also meets the new expectations of consumers, who want brands to focus on sustainability through gifts that last over time, and no longer throwaway items.

According to a Superga Beauty survey conducted by Appinio with 300 women, 54% of clients have confirmed that they use their promotional gifts for under a year, whilst 62% promote a gift which they store for a longer period of time.

The vase is offered in addition to household ranges (diffusers and candles) which have a limited use. Not only is this a beautiful decorative object, but can also be proudly displayed anywhere in the home. This allows the brand the chance to permanently enter the daily lives of its clients,” says Superga Beauty in a release.

A customisable gift

The porcelain stoneware vases are designed to be offered as a gift, individually or as an entire range, forming part of a luxury purchase. They embody a feeling of exclusivity. The brands can customise their vases on request, changing both shape and colour.

Soliflora vases are produced by Superga Beauty in partnership with a production studio handpicked for its expertise. The Superga Beauty teams supervise each and every stage of production from preparation of the clay through to moulding, interior and exterior glazing, kiln burning and finishing.

The Soliflora vase is attractive, contemporary, practical and sustainable and perfectly meets the expectations of beauty brands and consumers”, concludes Nathalie Dickeli.