Madame la Présidente, a French start-up specialising in the hair and beauty market, markets a comprehensive and inclusive range of natural products dedicated to all types of hair (straight, curly, frizzy, etc.). The range includes hygiene, treatment and styling products as well as accessories and nutrients for hair for men, women and children.

Building on their full service expertise, Superga Beauty supports the brand both in the extension of its product ranges and the rebranding of its products.

All-round support

Superga Beauty supported the brand throughout all stages of product manufacturing. Formulation and regulatory oversight have both been handled by the manufacturer’s partner laboratory, whilst the Superga Beauty teams have jointly coordinated the entire value chain from sourcing packs, and all the way up to delivery of the end product, including the industrial production.

Our full service offer allows each and every client to be supported at each step from design to production. Madame la Présidente has a team of experts to coordinate its projects, develop its products and ensure their proper marketing and sale. The brand can also rely on Superga Beauty for its growth and can simply focus on the success of its brand and customer satisfaction,” said Nathalie Dickeli, Full Service & Promotion Managing Director.

Rebranded products

Superga Beauty also coordinates the products evolution. For instance, after analysis with the brand’s management, Superga Beauty tabled a proposal for a change in printing technology on existing tubes. To date, this involves two products which are undergoing a change with a flexography print across the entire packaging. Superga Beauty has also enabled changes for two formulas for which the packaging needed to be changed from a jar to a tube.

For each new project, the Superga Beauty team brings its experience to the table in terms of the choice of decor, technical solutions and costing,” highlighted Nathalie Dickeli.

The hair care range offered by Madame la Présidente is manufactured and packaged on the BPS 60 cosmetics plant in Montataire (60), whilst the co-packaging is undertaken on the Chaulnes site (80), two out the six plants owned by Superga Beauty across France.

This collaboration with Superga Beauty is an additional step in building Madame la Présidente,” said the brand founder, Meriem Malone. “French manufacturing was always fundamental for us, as well as the eco-design.